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14/10/01 セックス調査@英国

Published by 熊篠 慶彦 on 10月 1st, 2014


なんか物悲しいんで…、年度の後半戦がスタートです! にします。

British sex survey 2014: ‘the nation has lost some of its sexual swagger’(新窓)

Have you ever had sex with someone with a physical disability?
Yes = 7%
No, but I would not rule it out = 50%
No, and I don’t think I would = 44%
44% of Britons would not consider having sex with someone who had a physical disability, 50% would not rule out the possibility, while 7% have already had sex with someone with a disability. We have seen an increase in the numbers who have had sex with someone with a disability since 2008, when 4% reported they had. More striking is the large-scale change in attitudes towards the issue since 2008, when 70% of Britons said they didn’t think they would have sex with someone with a disability. Men (10%) are more likely than women (4%) to have already done this, but there is little difference between the genders attitudinally.

はい= 7%
いいえ、しかし私はそれを排除しないだろう= 50%
いいえ、私は思わない= 44%